Some Handy Information If You're Planning To Hire a P.A. For The First Time

hiring a PA

Are you holding an event that you will need a P.A. for but not sure what you will need? Here are a few tips about the information to have on hand when you contact us or your supplier so that we can supply the correct equipment for you. And more importantly, so that we don't over supply and provide you with more than what you need!

1. What will the P.A. be used for? Will it be used for playing back recorded music such as from your smartphone or laptop? Will it be used for the spoken word such as speeches or guest presenters? Is it for a band, DJ or other musicians? It is helpful to let us know which or how many of these things it will be used for at your event.

2. What size is your venue? The size of your venue will help us to make sure we supply the correct number, size and capacity of the speakers and an adequately powered (watts) system. It is also helpful to know venue size to ensure that all leads, both power and audio, are adequate length if the venue is large.

3. How many people will be in your audience? For large gatherings we may need to supply you with extra speakers and think about where they will be positioned in your venue to ensure everyone can hear adequately. If you are only having a small gathering, then we can ensure that we don't over supply you with equipment. 

It's always a good idea to be prepared to answer these few questions when you contact us or your supplier then you can be assured to get exactly what you need to do the job. 

If you are unsure or have never had to organise a P.A. before, please contact us and have a chat and we will be only too happy to help and provide advice!