The restack is over but don't get caught out with wireless frequency blackspots.

Visit the  wireless mic hub  on the ACMA website for info on the frequency ranges

Visit the wireless mic hub on the ACMA website for info on the frequency ranges

All performers love to work with wireless mics. It’s just an automatic request these days, especially if they are a lead vocalist in a band who doesn’t play an instrument, or a performing artist.

We invested heavily, as with many other sound hire companies, in updating all of our wireless gear last year to ensure we were compliant with the new frequencies available in south-east Queensland after the Federal Government’s decision to sell off certain bandwidths. However, it’s important to note that there are still pockets where only the high-end wireless systems are guaranteed to be safe to use without potential interruption from other wireless users, and the Gold Coast is one of those areas.

The integrity of the sound system and quality of the level of service we provide is paramount to us and so we make sure that we get it right every time for our clients. Doing your research on wireless frequencies before an event is extremely important. 

There are other similar areas around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast which can cause issues for wireless users. Having worked in these areas we have found it vitally important to ensure we had the right wireless microphones available for the event. ACMA provide fact sheets on their site explaining the spectrums that are now available since the January 2015 change and also provide more detailed information at the suburb level for all capital cities including Brisbane in a downloadable spreadsheet here.

If you are planning an event of any kind and need a sound system, give us a call or email, we would be very happy to chat to you about your requirements and provide advice regarding the technical aspects you may need to consider.