Sound system set up is important for soloists

They can sing and play multiple instruments but sometimes have no idea about using a PA system which is in fact the other instrument they will use on the day. So with that in mind, if you are about to launch your solo career at a local venue it pays to really learn how to set up and sound check your sound system so it enhances your performance rather than detracts from it.

Whether you have a single speaker, or have 2 speakers and foldback with a mixer, it is important to take some time to learn how to get the most out of your PA. Learning about gain structure, EQ and effects, mic and line inputs will stand you in good stead. One key thing I would encourage any solo performer to learn about is gain structure. It is the first step in mixing and the one thing to get right, after that it’s a matter of how you want the system to sound. There are plenty of articles around on gain and I will touch on this in the next blog. Mixing can get technical so at first just get used to what the faders and knobs do.

Here are four basic preparation tips for the first-time solo performer:

1.       Visit the venue prior to the gig or performance to check the load in and parking, particularly if you are bumping in on your own or will be playing at a time when it will be busy with patrons

2.       Check where your performance area is located and where the power outlets are – you want to make sure your power leads are long enough so that they don’t pose a safety hazard

3.       Get yourself a trolley – believe me, you will need it! If you are bumping in on your own, you want to make minimal trips (preferably one!) so you don’t have to leave your gear unattended at any time

4.       Look after your leads and cables. Wind them up properly at the end of each gig and always carry spares.

In our next article, we’ll talk about gain structure and provide some easy tips on how to quickly set up your mix for your performance. If you are looking for a compact sound system for your solo performance, check out our performers and bands page or contact us if you’d like some help or friendly technical advice.


PA or sound system?

‘PA’ is a very common term used when hiring speakers for an event or show. But ‘P.A.’ is actually short for ‘public address’ which refers to a system that is usually used for speech only. So 'sound reinforcement system’ is better although ‘PA’ is now widely accepted. Just remember to describe what you want to use it for.

So with that in mind, if you wanted a PA system to use for announcements at a fete, an outdoor sporting event, or public rally, for instance, you would more than likely need speakers specifically designed for that use. The good old 100 volt line system would be best to use for these situations.

If you want to play music as well as make announcements then you would more than likely require a different type of speaker which could handle both.

With regards to sound reinforcement for bands, DJs and live music, this requires a lot more power and will usually involve sub woofers which are added to enhance the bass frequencies that this music requires.

We'll go into each of these systems in our coming series of blogs - next one will be on band sound reinforcement. In the meantime, if you are planning an event and need some help in deciding what you need, contact us and we will be only too happy to help you!


Great Tips From Shure on Having a Successful Open Mic Night

Heading to an Open Mic Night? Click to read some great tips from #MikePetrucelli at #Shure on how to make it successful. If you are looking for sound equipment for your night, check out our Performer and Band sound systems  or contact us - we carry only quality Shure vocal and instrument mics and JBL Professional speakers to make even the most tentative amateur feel like a pro muso!

Open Mic Night

Best JBL and Shure gear for Michael Fix tonight

Michael Fix @ Virgina Palms International Hotel

Michael Fix @ Virgina Palms International Hotel

It is always enjoyable doing the sound check with acoustic acts - getting the balance just right and ensuring that the sound is crystal clear. It was particularly a pleasure to provide the sound system and do set up and sound check tonight for Michael Fix, widely acclaimed as one of the world's finest acoustic guitarists. Check Michael's website out at www.michaelfix.com , view some of his clips on his YouTube channel and follow him on @michaelfix1.